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Take a behind the scenes look at what makes Ironhaus stand out from the competition.

Strike Marks: The Making of a Craftsman

Are you drawn to fireplaces that have a unique design and you can actually feel the metal without worrying that it might break underneath your hand?  If so, then you can appreciate the quality products made by the Ironhaus Blacksmiths in our forge.  Learn about our passion for working […]

Iron Custom Fireplace door after remodle

Searching for the custom fireplace you have always wanted, but don’t know how to get it?

The #1 Key to Getting the Fireplace of Your Dreams

“Nothing is worse than having a high expectation and having a door show up that doesn’t meet that expectation.” – Kevin Kraich

When you’re building or remodeling your house, you want every aspect to be perfect, including the fireplace. But everything you’re finding online or in magazines […]