Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Many states have tax credits or similar incentives to install a fireplace door. In Montana follow the link below:
Tax Incentives
Most of our finishes will last many years as long as care is taken in their use. Be careful not to build extremely hot or “flash” fires as they can impact the toughest of finishes. No corrosive cleaners or agents to clean rock, etc., during construction should be used either. Ironhaus finishes are “living” finishes made like the finishes on bronze statues and they may age gracefully over time. This actually creates more character and is consistent with the ambiance of our fireplace products.
It is not uncommon for us to customize every hearth application within a home. In the Great Room: The Big Sky wood fireplace or The Yellowstone with our award winning Pocket Door enclosure for maximum “wow” factor. Outside Deck: The Wilderness wood fireplace (use gas logs as a realistic option). Master Bedroom: The Selway Direct Vent with full surround. Family Room: The Selway or Yellowstone See with our custom iron mantel. In the kitchen: Modern Range hood and linear fireplace with surround. Or, we can work directly with you to design and create something unique for you. Visit our Custom Work page to learn more.
Your Ironhaus fireplace should be professionally installed by a certified technician to ensure its safety and proper performance. The safety of your home and family depends on fully understanding and carrying out the critical manufacturer and building code requirements. Please see if there is an authorized Ironhaus dealer and installer in your area by visiting our Dealer Locations page. If not, contact Ironhaus to recommend the next steps for your installation.
Its true that manufacturers of gas fireplaces are required now by law to include a safety screen on any gas fireplace made after Feb. 2015. Your existing fireplace does not have a mandate upon it so its up to you to make it safer if that’s a concern for you. We have many applications to address this situation. Contact us for details.
A Fireplace Insert is designed to be installed into an existing masonry fireplace. A fireplace is designed to be installed into new construction (framing).
Metal mantles are not combustible so they can be closer to the fireplace opening. This might help with the placement of a large screen TV above, and it will certainly protect a TV , artwork, etc better from the high heat of the fireplace.
We have a metal template, called a masons form, that we can usually build within a day or two. This form will allow you to have the time to decide on the details of your door and for us to build it for you, while the masons can continue working.