Lean Manufacturing

about-us-lean-greenTake old-world blacksmithing techniques, plug-n-play technology, and sustainable manufacturing process and put them all together. Many will tell you that you can’t combine these — that you can’t have custom with seamless integration. Or you can’t have sustainable production processes with plug-n-play technology. At Ironhaus we’re fond of saying that we find possibility where others see contradiction. That idea is at the heart of everything we design and manufacture. We employ the old-world techniques of the anvil and forge by our artisans, but we also use models of production that focus on creating consistent and unique products that will be easy for anyone to install and will work seamlessly with a customer’s current system and with other manufacturers products. The result is a better product, no waste in materials, and better use of our time.


The Benefits to You

lean12What all this means to our customers is a better product. Our artisans focus on one aspect of the job, meaning you have a team of specialists working on your product and not a group of dabblers, or generalists.
Our manufacturing processes mean you get the product you want the first go-around. A lot of times when you work with an artisan you get the look you want, but it doesn’t work well with what you’ve got or doesn’t install the way it should. You end up paying the additional costs of the artisan’s time, and materials to fix the mistakes.
Because we put in the attention to detail to ensuring that it will work with your other product and be easy to install, we don’t have to be there for the installation. We’ve made custom fireplaces, fireplace doors, mantels and range hoods, and lighting for customers all over the country, all from our shop in Montana — and we’ve never had to be onsite for installation. And our customers benefit by not having to pay one more contractor to be on the job site. What do our customers think about this?

“Just wanted to let you know that we received our glass fireplace doors and we have installed them. Everything is great! They look awesome and the quality is unbelievable! Thank you for all your help and patience with all my 10,000 questions. I’ve attached a photo for you to see!”
Ruth Stephenson
“Cliff, thank you so much for your excellent customer service and willingness to answer our questions. We have nothing but praise to offer to you and your company. When Wayne opened the box, I was amazed – the doors are gorgeous. We’ll send pictures when it’s done (but it will probably be a bit until that happens). Thanks, Cliff.”
Patti McCorkle