Green Statement

Green Statement

Think Green

At Ironhaus we understand the value in burning clean, efficient and healthy.

Ironhaus Green and Sustainable Products

All Ironhaus Fireplace Doors are Handcrafted and Made in Montana

[title size=”2″]Green Initiatives[/title]
Here are some of Ironhaus’ manufacturing green initiatives to eliminate unnecessary energy usage and excess waste:

  • Our facility uses natural light to illuminate our work areas
  • Our manufacturing floor is heated with efficient on-demand hydronics systems and with  sustainable wood fired heating .
  • We use natural ventilation and ceiling fans to control temperature in our office, manufacturing, and shipping areas
  • Most of our office space and showroom heating is provided by our efficient direct-vent gas fireplaces
  • Our final process and shipping areas are heated during the winter months by on demand gas heat effectively reducing carbon emissions by 80% from typical applications
  • Our dark-colored metal building, low demand landscaping, and recycled parking lot material show our respect for proper use of materials and natural resources and we encourage others to do the same when possible
  • In our processes, we incorporate low waste, kanban, lean manufacturing, low VOC finishes and cleaning products
  • We utilize open-air storage for some of our products
  • We strive to buy locally to support the local economy
  • We will continue to make changes for the better to improve our processes, products, and facility

Ironhaus wants to run an environmentally friendly business and our green initiative extends to packaging and marketing:

All Ironhaus advertising and marketing materials are printed on certified Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper which means it comes from well-managed forests adhering to strict environmental and socio-economic standards. The printing process is 100% wind powered.

[title size=”3″]Gas Fireplaces[/title]

Indoor air quality is not affected and compromised by smoke.

Our gas  fireplaces are sealed combustion  high efficiency and low emission systems.

The Gallatin and Yellowstone have electronic ignitions, which means no standing pilot so you save money by reducing your fuel consumption.
The Yellowstone is a direct vent gas fireplace with separate outside combustion air intake and is qualified forLEED “best” rating.

All of our wood fireplace systems have refractory liners which insulates and helps radiate heat.

[title size=”3″]Woodburning Fireplaces[/title]
Our wood fireplaces are equipped with real firebrick which can radiate up to 20% more heat. The Pioneer woodburning fireplace offers a less expensive option, refractory liners, which also help to insulate and radiate more heat than a steel firebox.

Wood is sustainable and renewable, especially if you get it locally. Burning wood does not leave a carbon footprint.
For glass fireplace doors on your fireplace, see some of the benefits below.

[title size=”3″]Masonry Fireplace Doors[/title]

You may add the draft panel to your masonry fireplace doors.  This makes for a much cleaner environment and prevents excess smoke and poor air quality.

Glass fireplace doors are energy efficient. They keep warm air from escaping up the chimney in the winter and prevents hot air to enter your home in the summer.

These enclosures are sealed to prevent smoke entering your home and affecting the air quality.

Glass enclosures are also safer, they keep children and pets from getting too close to the fire and getting burned. The doors will get hot so you should keep them from touching it.

The doors keep sparks and embers from popping out and possibly starting a fire or burning your carpet.