High Efficiency Fireplaces

If you’re looking to combine the ambiance of a wood burning fireplace with the heating efficiency of a wood burning stove or gas stove, a high efficiency wood burning fireplace gives you the best of both. High efficiency fireplaces combine a traditional wood stove that can be inserted into your traditional mantel or surround.

  • Allows you to warm your home while concealing the chimney and duct work you have with a stand-alone wood burning stove.
  • Warm up faster, draw better, and form less creosote when they are installed with an insulated chimney.
  • Some models can be equipped with a bi-metal damper that works like a thermostat so you can control the heat. Burns more on a cold winter night, less on a cool spring evening.
  • Can be configured with duct work to heat other rooms in your home.

High Efficiency Fireplace

When combined with a mantel, surround and fireplace door from Ironhaus you get a traditional look with all the modern conveniences of a cleaner, safer and more sustainable use of energy.

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Fireplace Mantel