Fire Pit Covers

Fire Pit Covers

Fire Pit Covers

Handsome. Safe. Durable. Unique.

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fire pit cover
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Ironhaus’s new metal fire pit covers combine exceptional design and craftsmanship with durable materials and weather-proof finishes to give you long-lasting beauty and safety.

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  • Keep your guests, children, and pets safe from sparks, flames and lingering hot embers.
  • Swinging doors on all sides gives you easy access to the fire. The doors also come with a locking option to keep unwanted hands out of the fire (great for commercial applications).
  • Warming plates on the frame allow you to keep food and your favorite hot beverages warm all season.
  • Keeps the unsightly remains of your fire hidden and keeps leaves and debris from blowing out.



In the search for durable, safe, and attractive outdoor products like fire pit covers, it’s easy to be misled with products that promise safety and quality of build and materials but where in truth, corners were cut in order to make a cheap product that will last only a season, or two at most. You get a generic product made of poor materials, which both limits the design possibilities and the product’s life span. And because they’re made from a mold, you have to conform to the product. Ironhaus custom metal fire pits are fabricated from the highest quality materials, by artisans who know their craft, and every product that comes out of our shop is custom made. You don’t conform to our products, they conform to you.

A fire pit cover should be both attractive, providing an aesthetic focal point for your outdoor living area, and it should be functional. This was at the heart of our design mission when we set out to make a fire pit cover.

We can also work with you to design a fire pit that is unique for you.

Give us a call, or drop us an email to find out how we can design and build a custom metal fire pit cover for you!