Fireplace Finish Options

Our finishes are comprised of two parts, the texture (marks in the metal) and the color. All of our finishes are hand applied resulting in variations from one piece to another, as in all great pieces of art. You will also see a variance to the finish color based on the texture you choose and how it works with the light in your environment. Also each monitor or may show these images in a different manner. Our dealers will have samples available or you can call Ironhaus to request one.



Aged Brass

burnished aged brass



hammered aged brass



Distressed aged brass



Peened Aged Brass


Antique Stainless

burnished antique pewter



hammered antique pewter



distressed antique pewter



peened antique pewter



Black Copper

Burnished Black Copper



Hammered Black Copper



dist blk copper



peened blk copper



Antique Pewter

Burnished Antique Stainless



Hammered Antique Stainless



dist at stainless



Peened Antique Stainless



Dark Bronze

Burnished Dark Bronze



Hammered Dark Bronze



Distressed Dark Bronze



Peened Dark Bronze



Buff Pewter

Burnished Buff Pewter



Hammered Buff Pewter



Distressed Buff Pewter



Peened Buff Pewter




Burnished Rust



Hammered Rust



Distressed Rust



Peened Rust





burn blk



hamm blk



dist blk



peen blk



Medium Bronze

Burnished Medium Bronze



Hammered Medium Bronze



Distressed Medium Bronze



Peened Medium Bronze




Burnished Natural



Hammered Natural



Distressed Natural



Peened Natural



Weathered Brown

Burnished Weathered Brown



Hammered Weathered Brown



Distressed Weathered Brown



Peened Weathered Brown



Black Pewter

Burnished Black Pewter



Hammered Black Pewter



Distressed Black Pewter



Peened Black Pewter



Weathered Grey

Burnished Weathered Grey



Hammered Weathered Grey



Distressed Weathered Grey



Peened Weathered Grey



Black Brass

Burnished Black Brass



Hammered Black Brass



Distressed Black Brass



Peened Black Brass



Light Swedish Blue

Burnished Light Swedish Blue



Hammered Light Swedish Blue



Distressed Light Swedish Blue



Peened Light Swedish Blue



Dark Swedish Blue

Burnished Dark Swedish Blue



Hammered Dark Swedish Blue



Distressed Dark Swedish Blue



Peened Dark Swedish Blue