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Client Spotlight: Four Seasons in Jackson Hole, WY

Redefining Rustic


Ironhaus helped the Four Seasons Resort in Jackson Hole, WY create an aesthetic that combined the natural landscape of the area with luxury by designing and building custom ironwork that can be seen throughout the resort. Ironhaus designed and built custom fireplaces, fireplace doors, lighting, railing, and architectural sculptures that capture this aesthetic ideal.

Organic Luxury

Located in the popular Teton Village area just outside of Jackson Hole, the landscape provides for sweeping views of the Teton Mountains, teems with an abundance of wildlife, and offers plenty to do in the way of winter and summer outdoor activities.

Ironhaus GM and lead designer Tim Campbell was inspired by the aspen groves so prevalent in this landscape. It is that element that he decided to use as the anchor for his designs. This aspen leaf motif was carried throughout the resort in the railings, doors, and the main entrances, where Tim made full-size iron aspen sculptures.

The concept was rustic, and organic, with curved angles; to bring elements of the natural landscape into the resort. When you enter the resort it’s as if you’re walking through and into an aspen grove.

Tim Campbell, GM and Lead Designer, Ironhaus

Below are early sketches of the iron aspen motif Tim made showing the feeling invoked and applications for the design motif in the resort. For the Apris Ski he suggested aspens in their winter state, which suggest completion.


This aspen motif is a cohesive element used throughout the resort.

In the main entry hall that beckons guests into the resort, Tim took this aspen motif and created an iron aspen grove that gives guests the feeling that they’re completely immersed in this unique and beautiful landscape. Of course, the guests are also treated to luxury accommodations.

Custom Fireplaces, Fireplace Doors, Railing, & Lighting

In addition to this life-size iron sculpture that greet guests when they enter the resort, Ironhaus designed and built all the fireplaces in the public living spaces, like this one in the center of a bank of windows that face out onto the ski slopes.

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Ironhaus also designed and built all the fireplace doors in the private residence condos on the property. Here again you can see the aspen motif carried into the rooms and the ski lodge areas.


Base camp 0021

The Four Seasons project cemented Ironhaus’ reputation in the industry for our unparalleled craftsmanship, authentic design, and professionalism. Keith Lamparter, the project manager says of Tim’s work:

We had other people contracted for the work who couldn’t do what we needed. Tim’s name was passed along to me, and he had some work on display in a showroom in Jackson at the time. I went and looked at his work and then met with him. We originally had him contracted for a small amount of work and were so pleased that we gave him more and more work the job.

Keith Lamparter

Ironhaus: Your Design Partner

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