Design Trends for Outdoor Spaces

Good Things for your Backyard

If you’re looking to do something more than drag your grill out from the shed to the backyard, put up a few folding chairs and a table, then it’s time to think about a backyard remodel. Creating an outdoor space that puts style, fun and functionality into your blah backyard is top of mind right now as we start to move out-of-doors once again.

The long term trend is for backyards that are extensions of the home’s interior living space. According to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) design services for outdoor projects is on the rise. What I saw at this winter’s International Builders Show confirms this prediction, as the manufacturers showcasing outdoor products were among the most visited booths.

“Householders continue to invest in their properties both by adding to their outdoor living areas, and by blending indoor and outdoor space”

-2013 Home Design Trends survey results

4 Trends to Try

 1. Think beyond the expansive plot of grass with sprawling living spaces instead:


Design your outdoor living space the way you would your indoor living area with a plan that accounts for all the activities you’ll be doing or that you’ll want to do in your outdoor living space. Design with and idea for who will use the space, and how you’ll use it. And don’t be afraid to work with the natural landscape of your existing yard. Use slopes as natural space dividers, and plan with an eye to the natural vegetation in terms of color and style. Keep as much of the vegetation as possible; instead of cutting down those overgrown trees give them a good trim and then evaluate if the tree still needs to go. And most of all, have fun. Where you may not want to commit to bright orange in your home, now’s your chance to experiment with it in the backyard.

2. Get out of the kitchen. Or, more to the point move your kitchen outside:


Nobody wants to be the person stuck inside the stuffy kitchen while everybody else is having fun in the backyard. And outdoor kitchen with all the amenities of your indoor kitchen, will give you a outdoor living space that is both functional and fun. Just as with your indoor kitchen, give the same planning and thought to your outdoor kitchen. Who will use the space? How will you use it? What sort of storage do you need? What appliances are necessary? Remember to keep an eye out for the weather as well by making sure your outdoor kitchen space is protected from the elements year round.

3. Create spaces where people want to be:

Now that’ you’ve got everybody outside what will you do? Where will your guests gather? You wouldn’t throw a party inside your home with no furniture or designated spaces for your guests to enjoy themselves and your home. So shouldn’t you just assume that your rose garden is an attraction worthy enough of getting your guests excited about sitting in your backyard. An outdoor living space with comfortable furnishings, and a fire pit provide a natural focal point for your outdoor living space, and a natural place for guests to gather and relax.


Of course there are other considerations when putting in a fire pit. Is it going to be safe for youngsters? Is it going to be safe for your guests? And is it going to be up to code and compliant with municipal burn codes? For folks living in dry or wooded areas you’ll want to make sure that you take precautions with using a fire pit. Restaurants, hotels and public outdoor spaces are all finding that while the fire pits they put in a few years ago were a good idea, the reality is that they pose certain safety issues. Ironhaus has a new fire pit cover that will provide both safety and will look good on your fire pit.


Ironhaus can also help with your outdoor remodel with custom outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, range hoods, and fire pit covers. Email us at, or call us at 866-880-0900 to find out more about our custom outdoor products.

4. Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living:

As we spend more of our time in our outdoor living spaces we’ll want to keep in mind creating a seamless transition from our indoor spaces to our outdoor spaces. If done right, by creating a cohesive look between your outdoor and indoor spaces will flow naturally and look as if they are one in the same space. A good way to do this is to put in glass doors that function as walls that can open up your indoor room to an adjoining outdoor space, and by using the same architectural details and style you have throughout your home in our outdoor space. It could also be as simple as picking up on the colors you have inside your home and translating those to your outdoor spaces. Here you have a modern indoor room that opens seamlessly to an outdoor room done in the same modern style with a clean, elegant feel to it.


Planning an outdoor remodel this spring? Tell us what you’ll be doing to make your outdoor living space as inviting as your indoor living space? Want to learn more about how Ironhaus can help with your outdoor remodel? From outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, fire pit covers, range hoods we can help create your dream backyard. Check us out on Houzz. Or, give us a call at 866-880-0900 to find out more about our selection of custom outdoor products.