[title size=”2″]Custom Woodburning Fireplace Collection[/title]

2-showroom-100_8717fire_1_webAt Ironhaus we believe that you can have bold scale design without sacrificing attention to detail, design that is contemporary but not cold. Every architectural element that comes from our blacksmiths reflects this understanding of the balance in the relationship between form and function. Elegance meets efficiency and safety with Ironhaus’s complete line of custom fireplaces to complement any design style and living space.


[title size=”2″]Custom Gas Fireplace Collection[/title]

gas fireplace with range hood

Like all of our iron products, our fireplaces give you custom design and unparalleled craftsmanship with easy installation and seamless integration into your space.And we make it easy for anyone, anywhere, any time to install the custom fireplaces of their dreams with a mason-ready application and an array of unique features to choose from. From contemporary to traditional, old-world to modern industrial, and everything in between.

Ironhaus has a custom fireplace to fit your style and the finishes you need to complete the look. We also offer an extensive collection of fireplace doors and unique options to fully customize your fireplace to reflect your sense of style and ensure your safety