Freestanding Fireplace Screens

You asked. We listened.

Freestanding Fireplace Screens

Ironhaus is pleased to announce a new line of custom freestanding fireplace screens for your home. Introducing our Artisan Studio Series!

freestanding iron fireplace screen

This new line of custom-made goods for the home hits the market with a series of freestanding fireplace screens, and will eventually include a line of custom lighting, range hoods, and more!

What makes the Artisan Studio Series unique? Glad you asked. With the Artisan Studio Series you get the distinctive design, unparalleled craftsmanship, enduring  style for the modern home that Ironhaus is known for at price points that won’t break your budget. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

freestanding iron fireplace screen

At Ironhaus we’re committed to providing customers with the finest quality products, handcrafted by our team of artisans, at a reasonable price. “With the Artisan Studio Series we hope to be able to make that custom experience more accessible to a greater number of people,” says Ironhaus GM, and Lead Designer, Tim Campbell.  “And,” he adds, “we want to offer a new way for customers to shop with Ironhaus.” The Artisan Studio Series will not be sold through the dealer network, but exclusively online through Ironhaus’ new ecommerce website. Shoppers can get to the ecommerce site by visiting the Ironhaus website and choosing the Shop tag.

arched custom freestanding fireplace screen

Customers will also be able to choose a variety of payment options to suit their needs.

Currently there is nothing quite like this on the market. There are lot of freestanding screens available at low price points, but nothing custom made to fit, and at this price point. You give us the dimensions you need, select trim options if you’d like, and our artisans in the shop make your screen to fit. We don’t have a warehouse full of product we’re trying to move quickly. Everything at Ironhaus is made here in our blacksmithing shop in Montana. And, we can have it made and ready to ship to you within a week.

Available in three lines each distinct in design to fit a variety of styles and price options. Our Scottsdale Series boasts simple lines in handforged, heavy duty iron with rolled mesh to create a simple, modern fireplace screen. Named for and inspired by one of the first products Time designed and made for a homeowner in Scottsdale, AZ. it was this freestanding fireplace screen that gained him a loyal following of customers. From this single fireplace screen, a leader in custom iron work design was born.

Our Telluride Series was inspired by the crisp blue sky overhead, stunning mountain peaks, green and cool in the summer, crystalline and cold in the winter, Telluride  is a study in the nature of contrasts, and the overwhelming beauty to be found in nature. Modern lines with rustic touches, like pounded rivets, the Telluride artistically blends the old with new, and shows a keen eye to the balance of form and function, and the influence of the landscape.

custom freestanding fireplace screens

We think the Telluride would look stunning in a chalet style room (or in a real chalet in the Alps if you’re so lucky!), with sky and mountain as your natural backdrop, or in a modern urban dwelling.

Our Austin Collection was inspired by the city of Austin. Modern and hip, while rooted in the history of classic American music and culture, Austin has always embraced it’s history, while defying stereotypes. Some may see this as a contradiction, we see it as a study in the fine art of contrasts. At Ironhaus we’ve been doing the same for more than thirty-five years, embracing the heritage and methods of old world metalworking with modern design and innovative processes of production. This shared symmetry with the city of Austin, along with the rich cultural heritage, and the vibrancy of the city was our inspiration for The Austin Collection of freestanding fireplace screens.

Freestanding fireplace screen

Elegant but modern, bold without being overwhelming, in the distinctive style of the Mission and Arts & Crafts Style, and dramatic without the accompanying price tag is what makes The Austin Collection so unique. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement to finish off your dream home in the country, an eclectic signature piece for your loft in the city, or that something special for your constant remodel Mid-Century bungalow in town, The Austin Collection will give you what you want without endangering you budget, or upsetting your more frugal better half.

Find out for yourself what makes this new series by Ironhaus so unique, and shop the collection now at