Friday Favorites: A Curated Collection of American Handmade Goods

The Reemergence of the Artisan

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Today it’s about all things artisan. It’s a subject that is close to our hearts here at Ironhaus, and very literally it is the heart of our business model from the products we design to how they are made, how we reach our customer and the relationships we build with our customers over time. I recently read an interview Jim Brett, President of West Elm gave to Fast Company. One of the things that struck me was something Brett said and that is both a reassurance to me in my profession, and as a customer:

“There’s this incredible crafts movement happening,” he says. “Everyone’s wearing Carhartt jackets and carrying Filson bags, these American heritage brands. It’s the symbolization of wanting to get back to a simpler time when you knew your shopkeeper and knew how and where your goods were made.”

-Jim Brett, President, West Elm

This has been Ironhaus’ business model for more than 35 years. We’re glad that people are discovering the wealth of quality handcrafted items available to them. We’re pleased that customers are looking for shopping experiences and not just products. Here’s to this new age in the marketplace typified by the merchant and the artisan. We celebrate with a sampling from around the country, the finest in hand crafted products.


I’ll begin with Ironhaus, but you knew I would. How to narrow it down to just a few products that highlight what we do so well?

Our fireplace doors that have been at the core of our business:


And our new range hoods that are keeping the guys in the shop very busy this spring. We can’t wait to see them installed in our customer’s new kitchens!




Indisputably the master of American glass blowing is Dale Chihuly. I remember seeing his work as a kid at an exhibition in Salt Lake City and was captivated by the color mostly and the light. His large-scale glass sculptures are work in the art of patience, clarity, balance, light and color.

Persian Ceiling on display in London:



Thanks to Etsy, artisans from around the world have a place to showcase and sell their goods. I discovered Megan Toro a few months ago when I was shopping for reclaimed wood shelves. I’ve since become a huge fan of her work. See for yourself:

Chevron Coffee Table from reclaimed wood



As an avid cyclist I’d be remiss if I left out the burgeoning art of the handcrafted bicycles, and far and way the best is Richard Sachs.

“What I do build are rationally designed, precisely constructed, hand-finished road racing frames.”

-Richard Sachs

I can’t say it any better than this:



There are a bevy of craft brewers out there doing great things with hops. And our neck of the woods has some of the finest craft brewing I’ve sampled (and believe me when I tell you I’ve sampled plenty of beer in my time).

Bitterroot Brewery in Hamilton, MT


Can’t think of a better way to end a Friday! Who are your favorite artisans? Tell us in the comments section below and sign up to receive our monthly newsletter with promotions, news, tips and other good stuff!