High Tech Home Gadgets, Elegant Gardening

High-Tech Home Gadgets

If you do any sort of activity from running, cycling, fishing or just taking the car out for a spin on unexplored back roads you probably have a few gadgets that allow you to measure your hear rate, allow you to see how fast you’re moving and where exactly you’re going. Here are a few of the best and most innovative hi tech home gadgets on the market:

1. Audi Online Traffic Light Information System Let’s face it there are those of us who feel the need to push through that yellow light, and some of us who are just data junkies.  Either way you’ll win with  Audi’s icon-based Online Traffic Light Information System, which presumably takes the guess work out of knowing just when the light at the next intersection is going to turn on you. AudiOnline-600x399[1]

2. The Nike Fuel Band Billed as the pioneer in fitness tracking devices, it let’s you track every moment of your physical self. From how much energy it takes to get from you front door to your yoga class, you see these devices everywhere. Will you be wearing one this spring?

3. High Tech Home If the car or aren’t you thing fear not, high tech gadgets are finding themselves into our kitchens. Samsung has their touch screen refrigerator, which may seem like a novelty now, but more and more manufacturers are making their appliances tech savvy. From refrigerators that match recipes with what you’ve got in stock, to washing machines that speak to their dryers alerting them to how much water is left in the clothes awaiting the dry cycle.


On The Market

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Book to Read

I came across this gem this week and wanted to share it with you. A must read if you garden, are interested in the history of the world’s garden, or just enjoy lavish photographs. It focuses on Western and Eastern traditions in gardening as it surveys every period in history.