Friday Favorites: Ironwork, Industrial Design, and Decorating with Yellow

Part of my job is scouring Houzz and Pinterest for design inspiration, as well as keeping up with the latest on design blogs and home and architecture magazines. I’m a lucky gal, I know! By Friday I have gathered a fairly large collection of stuff I’ve seen or read throughout the week and that caught my somewhat keen eye. I thought I’d share some of it with you!

Friday Favorites will feature a few of the things that got my attention throughout the week, and that I thought were worthy of mentioning here.

Today I’m thinking about yellow. Montana winter days are short, and filled more often with dark winter skies than sunny days. But the sun has been shining on us all week, making everything feel warm and sunny. I’ve also been focused on the kitchen. Yep, that’s right—Ironhaus is going to be making a big announcement in the coming days. We’re moving beyond your hearths, and into your kitchens (and a few other places too). But I don’t want to give it away just yet!

Anyway, my recent purchases also reflect this obsession with yellow. I just bought a great modern mid-century-influenced table from West Elm:


Currently it’s in my home office, but I see it making its way through the various rooms in my house. I think what I like about the color is that when used in the right way it can give a powerful splash of color to any room in any design. I’ve also been loving industrial items; with iron and wood, they’re rough, raw, and natural!


Iron works well as a subtle tone in the wood and really complements the metalwork in this kitchen:


And while we’re thinking about kitchens, and yellow, and iron, this kitchen has them all in the right amounts, plus great windows edged in iron. It’s bright and clean; just the thing to break through the dark winter days in Montana, or wherever you are:


That’s it for this week! Stay tuned for those big announcements I hinted at and start thinking about how you can incorporate iron and metalwork into your rooms this year.