Ironhaus Sapphire Gas Fireplace

47,500 / 14,500 Btu (Nat)
45,000 / 16,000 Btu (LP)

Glass Viewing Area
36”W x 30 1/2”H







The Sapphire fireplace system features a dual burner that creates a tall lively fire, accented with a massive 14-piece log set and large glowing ember bed. The huge ceramic glass front allows heat to easily transfer in to your living space and provides a clear view of the fire. While the Sapphire is a visually stunning fireplace, what you can’t see makes it even more impressive. TruFlame Technology – featuring a ceramic catalyst – minimizes emissions while maximizing heat efficiency. This results in the most realistic flames, reminiscent of a wood burning fire. An external air control eliminates the guesswork during setup and allows your dealer to fine tune the flame, ensuring a beautiful fire. Your TruFlame fireplace includes an easy-to-use thermostat remote to control the burners, the built-in accent lighting, and the optional double blowers. Simple, on-screen icons let you manually vary the flame height, light intensity, and blower speed (if installed). Or select from two thermostat modes – Conventional and Smart. In conventional mode, the fireplace operates automatically (on high) to quickly warm your room to the desired temperature. In Smart mode, the remote continuously compares the room temperature to the thermostat setting and then varies the burner height and speed of the dual blower to maintain the desired temperature with minimal variation.

Combine with a custom Ironhaus face and you will have an aesthetically pleasing fireplace for years of enjoyment while protecting your family from the hot glass. Choose from many Ironhaus designs and customize with texture, color and handles. See the Ironhaus fireplace door catalog for options.


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