New Products: Range Hoods, Custom Lighting, and More

Good News for Your Home

We’ve been toiling away in the studio and shop, designing and crafting some new things for your home. We’re moving beyond the hearth (not abandoning it) with products for your entire home, indoor and out! And we couldn’t be more excited!

One of the new range hoods (think Industrial or Rustic with rough-hewn wood, or in a traditional kitchen over a stainless steel range):


Our new line of custom architectural wrought iron products for the home debuts this month with a series of range hoods, lighting, specialty sliding iron doors, fire pits, new outdoor fireplace designs, and pergolas for your outdoor living space. Plus, we’ve expanded our collection of fireplace mantels and surrounds. We’ve created decorative iron pieces for every room in your home, not to mention that outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming about all winter. Think iron lighting to add curb appeal and make your neighbors envious, a one-of-a-kind range hood in your Rustic/Industrial kitchen, a custom fire pit where friends and family can gather—and that’s just the start.

A sketch of one of the new wrought iron chandelier and bar lighting:

Bar light sketch

We wanted to offer our customers a cohesive design style throughout our collections, enabling them to transform a single room or an entire house using decorative iron as a defining element. All our pieces are designed to go together. If you have a modern living room that opens up to your kitchen, we can do a modern surround of iron panels, modern pendant lighting, and an iron range in the kitchen for the ultimate in modern design. Or mix and match design styles and elements to create an eclectic style that can’t be duplicated. Our pieces work well together, or as standalone features.

Mesh and iron have never looked better than in this wrought iron sconce:

mesh wall 1

Popularity of Iron & Metalwork in the Home

Decorative iron work is gaining popularity as a design style. Open up any home, garden, or design magazine and you’ll see iron and metalwork in everything from countertops and backsplashes to fireplace surrounds and mantels. Here at Ironhaus, we’ve been approached to make custom iron pieces for industrial and rustic rooms, as well as modern and traditional. Decorative wrought iron is an investment that definitely won’t go out of style.

Sliding iron door:


We’re officially previewing these new products at the International Builders Show from February 2-4 in Las Vegas. But we don’t want you to wait that long, or to have to make the trip to Vegas in order to get a look. You can get a sneak peek at the new products right now on our website, and you can order them from our soon to be busier-than-usual direct sales rep, Cliff Eggleston. See our new range hoods, lighting, and keep watching for more new product announcements in the coming days, and weeks.

You can expect to see even more new designs and new products from Ironhaus in the coming months. We will have a number of designs for homeowners and design and build professionals to choose and order directly from us. And as always, we can work directly with the you or your architect, designer, or builder to design something that is one-of-a-kind and all yours!

Need some design ideas? Visit our Pinterest page to find out how you can incorporate iron work into your new home, or remodeling projects.

Ready to talk to Ironhaus about incorporating an iron range hood in your kitchen or wrought iron lighting into your indoor and outdoor living spaces? Contact us at or give us call at 866-880-0900 and talk to our sales specialist Cliff Eggleston.