Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas

Dreaming About a New Kitchen

If a recent study by Houzz is correct, then a lot of us are going to be remodeling our kitchens this year. In their Renovation in America report, which summarizes data collected from more than 100,000 respondents, kitchen and bathroom projects top the list of planned renovations.


Budgeting for a Kitchen

In terms of dollars spent on remodeling projects, the kitchen will get the majority. In the past five years almost $4 out of every $10 dollars spent on remodeling projects for the home have been allocated for a kitchen remodel, and according to the study this trend will continue. The average price planned for a kitchen remodel is just over $28,000 with the average for a high-end remodel pegged at nearly $55,000, and a low-budget remodel going for around $7,000.

If you’re in the midst of planning a kitchen remodel you know how overwhelming a project it can be. From choosing a design style that suits your personal aesthetic and needs, selecting an architect, designer and builder you trust to do the job, to choosing the right products, it can be a daunting project.

Before you meet with a professional you should have an idea of what you want from your kitchen remodel. Having already gone through your kitchen and assessing what you like, what you don’t like, what you want, what you don’t want, and what you need will help you better communicate to your professional, which will mean a better working relationship that results in you getting the dream kitchen you always wanted.

Rustic Design

One of the things you’ll want to have contemplated before you meet with your professional is the style you want to exemplify in your new kitchen space. You may have a few styles you’re considering, or you’ve already settled on something that’s right for you, either way you’ll want to have an idea of what you like and what you want, and conversely what you don’t want and don’t like. Now is the time to comb through your Houzz Ideabooks, and Pinterest Boards, gather those magazine pages you’ve cut out over the years and organize them into an inspiration board that you can share with your professional.

We’ve talked about how to achieve a Traditional style kitchen, now we’ll show you our take on Rustic.


Rustic encompasses a broad range of styles including: Southwestern, Log Cabin, Lodge, Farmhouse, and French Country. Each of these has their own uniquely recognizable elements, but a common theme between them all is the concept of creating an unstudied, organic, and rough-hewn feeling.


The emphasis with Rustic is on natural, unrefined pieces. Think leather, metals, wood, wrought iron, linen, stone, and outdoor elements. As a range hood is high on the list (according to the Houzz survey 50% of those planning to remodel a kitchen want a high-end chef’s range hood) we’ll start with the range and range hood as the focal point for creating the ideal rustic kitchen.


1. Wicker, steel, fur accent pieces play off the natural elements intrinsic to Rustic style.

2. Iron range hood by Ironhaus – our custom range hood in Rustic design was created especially for those looking to create a rustic style kitchen. The use of metal and the design of our custom range hood will be the perfect focal point to your kitchen. Ironhaus range hoods use Vent-A-Hood inserts to give you the quietest ventilation on the market.

3. Vintage wood table – the vintage wood table lends historical significance to the look of a Rustic kitchen, a hallmark of this design style.

4. Rough-hewn cabinets are a must for a Rustic kitchen as well as the stone floors (5).

6. Iron lighting – complete the look of your Rustic kitchen with iron lighting from Ironhaus. We can create pieces to complement your custom range hood, or something unique to give you that vintage/collected feeling.

If you’d like to see more ideas for inspiration you can visit our Pinterest board, Rustic Design. You can also visit us at Houzz.

Next up… we’ll be looking at Industrial design and we’ll be publishing our Kitchen Design Guide with tips and tricks, expert advice, inspiration, worksheets to help you plan and budget your kitchen remodel or new build.