Searching for the custom fireplace you have always wanted, but don’t know how to get it?

Iron Custom Fireplace door after remodleThe #1 Key to Getting the Fireplace of Your Dreams

“Nothing is worse than having a high expectation and having a door show up that doesn’t meet that expectation.” – Kevin Kraich

When you’re building or remodeling your house, you want every aspect to be perfect, including the fireplace. But everything you’re finding online or in magazines doesn’t quite fit what you envision. How do you get the high-end custom product you are looking for?

The Dealer Difference

Kevin Kraich, an Ironhaus Dealer in Colorado has clients come to him with this problem all the time. They say “This is our dream, can you make it happen?”

At Ironhaus, we discovered that, with clients all over the United States, we weren’t always able to meet face-to-face to help them solve their fireplace problems. Our commitment to providing the best customer service possible led us to find industry experts, like Kevin, and work with them as dealers to collaborate on these projects.

“I’ve been doing fireplaces since 1984 and working with all types of fireplace manufacturers and door companies,” says Kevin. He chose to work with Ironhaus because, “I can’t find anyone else that does high-quality custom doors better than Ironhaus.”

How Our Dealers Work With Clients: Case in Point

A client was building his retirement home in Colorado. His home had a lot of custom rock work; including slabs of stone around his zero-clearance metal box fireplace, and it didn’t quite fit with the design for the rest of the house.

Many people didn’t want to mess with the challenge of developing a custom fireplace which left this client stuck and not knowing who could help him.

He came to Kevin, who found a solution by designing and installing a front that would go over the stone.

rio grande before 1_1

Rio grande after“I went out to the job site and measured the opening, and made a cardboard template so they would have the exact dimensions of the opening.

I met with the homeowners and found different handles, metals, textures and designs.

Ironhaus and I put it together so that it could be built safely, install[ed] and look like a custom fireplace.”

After Kevin worked with the client this is what the finished
fireplace looked like with custom built doors. 





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Rio grande after 2_1



Our Commitment to Custom Built Fireplaces

We asked Kevin, what do you hear all the time from clients? “Wow, we can do that? I had no idea.”

At Ironhaus custom is extremely important to us. We can create any finish, texture, color, size and shape of high-quality door our dealer is looking for. That is why we work with experienced dealers who know how to collaborate with designers, architects and homebuilders that care about your finished product as much as you do.

Few things are impossible when you can work with a team of experienced craftsmen, industry experts, and your architect or designer.

After working with the owner, Kevin found a way to use handcrafted doors to transform this fireplace into a work of art.



Helping You Create Your Dream

The biggest benefit of using a dealer is that they will have a design center where you can see and feel the quality, in order to get a better opinion about what you want.


In Kevin’s experience, it makes a big difference in deciding which fireplace is right for you “when you get to meet with someone and open and close the doors, and feel the handle and see it firsthand.”

You’ll be able to ask all of your questions so that we can help you engineer the design that is right for your home.

Confidence in Your Project
When working on a big project, you don’t want to have to think about all the little details. Our dealers know all the ins and outs of custom fireplace and they work with you to address all of the design, functionality and safety issues that may come up.

Our dealers are the problem solver and work at whatever level you want. From managing the project completely, to a ‘hands on’ approach every step of the way, you will receive the high-quality fireplace that you are dreaming of.

So if you would like to turn your fireplace from this…

rio grande before 3_1

Into this…

Rio grande after 3_1

Note: This was a project for Monarch Homes.


You’ll want the follow through and professional knowledge provided by an Ironhaus dealer  or you can email us  and we will work with you to find a professional in your area.


For Architects and Designers
To get ideas for a project or figure out how to engineer the fireplace your client is looking for, our dealers are here to collaborate with you. Search our dealer database  to find the closest dealer to you or email us  for specific requests.


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