What’s It Really Like to Order a Set of Custom Fireplace Doors Online? Or two?

This post shares Don Scott’s experience in ordering an indoor and outdoor set of custom fireplace door for his mountain cabin in Tennessee.

Meet Don Scott

He’d built a mountain cabin for his family to enjoy and wanted some really nice fireplace doors for his indoor and screened outdoor hearths. Don absolutely knew he did not want a screen that he’d have to pick up and move each time he needed to tend the fire. He knew he wanted doors.

Don didn’t start out looking for custom work, but when he saw what was available in the marketplace, he started looking into custom as an option. His due diligence included a search on Google, and then a double-check of the reviews on Houzz as well. Then, decided to reach out via email.

On taking measurements for custom fireplace door  

“I was really nervous about getting measurements,” shared Don. “These aren’t things I am used to taking everyday.”

This is one of the biggest concerns our customers face when ordering custom work. So, Don was definitely not alone in feeling some nerves. It’s an expense, it’s custom, and it can be worriesome if you don’t feel confident about what to measure and where.

Cliff, from Ironhaus, worked with Don and works with people all over the country to make sure that the measurements taken are correct and will serve the finished project, the home and the customer.

One of Cliff’s “secrets” to ensuring proper measurements is to have a customer snap a couple of pictures of the fireplace so he has a clear image of the space we’re working with. He’s gone back and forth with customers, marking up printouts and clearly illustrating exactly where to measure and what to look for.

Don and Cliff worked together to get the numbers we needed just right. We only want to start these projects when we’re satisfied and confident in the specifications.

“I couldn’t have asked for any more help than they gave me…without them flying out to me,” shared Don.

Recessed doors and ensuring a proper close

Most doors have a latch on the outside to close & secure the fireplace doors safely & properly. Don’s doors for his

outdoor fireplace were going to be a little recessed, so Cliff suggested heat resistant magnets to help assure the doors would close…and stay closed.

That’s what Don used for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces and according to Don, they work beautifully.

What was it like to open up the box and see the doors in person?

“Well, I had to do a double-take…it took my breath away a little bit. You can see the craftsmanship when it’s in front of you in a way that just doesn’t translate to the online pictures. I had no idea.”

Acknowledgement like this is so appreciated.

We handmake every effort to place aestheics alongside functionality to create the perfect look and the perfect fit for each fireplace, in each room, in each unique home. Inside or outside….or both.

How did the door installation go?

“They do recommend you work with a professional to get the doors into place, but I was feeling confident about it,” said Don.

He went on to say, “These doors are so incredibly heavy. They’re well-engineered and built to last. I needed to get a little help with it, just because of the weight…one set, for the inside fireplace, was at least 100 pounds.”

“Once we got the (installation) tabs set up just perfect, it was a really easy thing to do,” he said.

Well, how do they look? custom fireplace door

In Don’s Great Room, the fireplace & chimney are set with stones that reach all the way up to the cathedral ceiling, Don chose the black copper. He has a lot of wood flooring and leather furniture in the cabin and shared that the “doors just pulled the whole room together.”

“None of my family members helped me pick it out. They just figured, ‘Oh, he’s getting some doors for the fireplace.’”

They were really impressed by the quality. We all get a lot of enjoyment out of being together around the fireplace…both inside the Great Room and in the outdoor screened porch.

“I bought two at once, and it was an expense. And I’d do it again given the quality and craftsmanship you can see and feel in person.”



One surprise: a better view of the fire with mesh

One thing that was surprising to Don had to do with the mesh on the doors.

“I can’t say enough about the mesh on the doors, versus the screen that comes on so many other products,”
said Don. “You can actually see the fire much better through mesh than you can through a screen.”

We completely agree and are delighted you noticed a difference.
Thanks Don, for adding custom Ironhaus work to your mountain cabin…twice!