Ironhaus Reveals 2 New Products at HPBExpo 2016

New FIreplace Barn Door & a Fresh Design Line To Be Revealed at HPB Expo in March

We’re getting prepped for our biggest show of the year and there’s going to be a lot to see!

Beyond sample chips, customers and dealers will see, feel and experience our custom fireplace doors, screens and accessories in Booth #1455.


We do only one show per year. And it’s coming up in March.

The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Expo 2016 (HPBExpo) is in New Orleans and we can’t wait to get there.


Two big reveals

What’s exciting about this year’s booth for Ironhaus is that the Barn Door Fireplace Door, noted in a previous post,  is no longer a prototype! We’re literally rolling out the Barn Door design!

Ironhaus custom fireplace barn door style








There IS another new line we’ll be releasing at the show. We’re actually putting the finishing touches on it right now. You’ll want to stay tuned about it, or show up and see this new surprise line New Orleans for yourself.

What else?

In addition to the new designs and products, we’ll be bringing a large inventory of iron fireplace doors, screens and accessories out from our rugged Montana headquarters. Truly, we’ll have 40-some doors on display, plus loads of extras to see, feel and experience.

Many finishes, handles and door & screen styles all in one 20’x30’ booth.

Plus, lead designer and founder Tim Campbell will be there too. You’ll meet the artist and visionary in booth #1455.


Our go-to event. Our only event.

The HPBExpo  is our “go to” event for showcasing our product lines, meeting up with our dealers and distributors and making new contacts and friends.

Many of our incredible dealers, and now friends, were met at this show in previous years. And we’re looking to meet more and continue to develop a quality dealer list.


Case in point: Guy & Nicole Thompson

We met Guy & Nicole Thompson of Thompson’s Hearth & Home a few years ago.

Guy shared in a previous interview, that as a dealer, he personally takes the companies who attend HPBExpo more seriously than those who don’t.

We’re serious about custom ironwork and the functional beauty it provides for all kinds of environments.


Stop & say hello at the Ironhaus Booth at HPBExpo

It’s definitely a huge, quality show. And while it’s tough to get away from the studio each year, it’s worth the work to attend. We figure, if we only do one show each year, it’s going to be this one.

Be sure to stop in at Booth #1455, we’d love to meet you.